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General Interview

The general interview is all about getting to know the candidate and how well the candidate is able to communicate with the interviewer. We make the general interview process extremely simple both the interviewer and the candidate.

Technical Interview

We provide you with technical questions which you can ask your candidates and rate them accordingly.

Personal Interview

We help you create interview questions and send it out to your candidates. The entire process is extremely simple, and you can do it in no time.


Cloud availability

You can store your data on the cloud and download it anywhere you like.

Platform integration

We have a set of automated tools which will allow you to use the app in different environments.

3 Phase Interview Process

We have three phases from which you can choose your interviews. You can either have all three or pick anyone from them.

Flag notices

We have an option where you can flag important things in the app and refer it later when you need it.

Schedule Your Interview

You also have the feature where you can schedule your own interviews as per your convenience.

Push Notifications

Push notifications give you a pop-up notification where you can be notified if your candidate has responded to something you have posted.

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Types of Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers without second thoughts are one of the greatest discoveries and definitely a boon to humanity. This simple machinery not just makes the work easy. It also saves a lot of time and also a lot of energy. Giving it a thought mowing the lawn perfectly without a lawnmower would be one the difficult tasks. Mowing the lawn in our houses would take hours, for big stadiums it would definitely take months to complete the task.
There are numerous brands in lawnmowers. Each one is different from the other. Before deciding what to buy, try to get the complete knowledge about them and know whether it would be suitable for you. Go through the online reviews like best lawn mower reviews – havethisbeast to decide on the best lawn mowers. Here are some types of lawnmowers.

Cylinder Lawnmowers

The cylindrical lawnmowers are the traditional type of lawnmowers that you see being used in the sports fields. These lawnmowers have blades built in a cylindrical shape. These cylindrical lawnmowers require a person to pull it backward and forward to cut the grass. It cuts the grass finely as the clippings fall on the ground. The cylindrical lawn mowers take a long time because of two reasons. It is operated manually, and the grass with high length cannot be cut easily.

Hover Mowers

Hover Mowers are lightweight and are easy to operate. It creates a cushion between the grass and the mower. This makes it easy to move around. They are more preferred for domestic purposes. They are also smaller in size which makes them easy to store. It was invented in the year 1964 by Karl Dahlman. The hover mower is available in two different models. One that operates electrically and the other that is powered by petrol.

Rotary Lawnmowers

The rotary lawnmowers generally have wheels attached to them. They work by cutting the grass from the top with the rotating blades. The advantage when it comes to rotatory lawnmowers is that we can add stripes to the lawn by attaching a rear roller. The flattening of the grass makes it reflect the light which gives the illusion of different colors. Most of the lawn mowers are powered by petrol. This enables the mower to produce more power which can contribute to tough grass lawns.

Robotic Lawnmowers

The recent advancement when it comes to lawnmowers is the invention of robotic lawnmowers. Robotics has a lot of impact on many things. Lawnmowers are not an exception. The robotic lawnmowers are capable of doing things with very less human intervention. All you need to do is set the boundaries to the lawnmower where to cut the lawn. The lawn mower cuts the lawn regularly and again goes back to charging station. All robotic lawnmowers are electrically operated. They are more used in big lawns for larger residential areas.

Interview Tips if You Want to Make Online Games and Gear

The online games are getting popular nowadays and the gamers are highly appreciating the use of these games because it provides them access to play the games anytime they want. Therefore, many organizations are hiring the individuals that can develop the games for them. We believe that the best thing a game developer can do is to develop a game on his own because it will generate a great amount of money for him but there are many game developers that do not have enough money to fund their first game.

Therefore, they spend some time in a company before launching their own game so that they can earn some money to fund their own. And it also helps them get some experience that is important for developing an incredible game. But getting a job in a firm is also a problem because there are many candidates that apply for a job role. So, the candidates should come prepared for the interview so that they may satisfy the recruiting officials. The interview is the only time when you can actually grab the attention of the recruiters. Therefore, you must try to make the most out of this opportunity.

Today, we are going to share some interview tips that candidates can follow if they want to get a job as an online game developer.

Dress code

We know that gaming has nothing to do with the dress code but there are some companies where dress code matters a lot. Therefore, you should wear a reputable dress that may put a great impression on the recruiting officials. The dress code can be determined based on the location you are living in or you can also wear the coat while going for the interview because the coat is considered to be the most important part of the formal dressing.

Be confident

When you are answering different questions, you must be very confident so that the recruiter may not realize that you don’t have complete knowledge of what you are describing. The confidence is the key to satisfying the recruiting agent. Therefore, you should not lose your confidence throughout the interview.

Knowledge of tools

You must have complete knowledge of the tools that are used for online gaming. For example, there are some games that can only be played with the mouse and there are others that cannot be played without the help of controllers. Therefore, you must have complete knowledge of the features that different tools and devices can offer so that you may describe that which tool will be perfect for a specific type of game.

Provide a clear and concise answer

Whenever you are answering a question, you should try to be clear and concise so that the interviewer may understand that you have good knowledge of what you are describing and they won’t have to ask the same question again and again. Here are some other interviewing tips you can use to crack an interview.

New Advancements of Virtual Reality in 2018 and What it Looks Like Moving Forward

The virtual reality has already proved to be one of the most advanced technologies in the world. But the developers say that it is just the beginning and you are going to see many interesting changes in this technology that you would have never expected before. The developers have already brought a lot of improvements to this technology and it is very different than how it looked in the past.

Well, change is the most important thing in the tech industry because a product or technology, that doesn’t show any changes for a very long period of time, starts disappearing from this industry because people want to see something new and advanced every day. However, today are going to discuss the changes that have appeared in the virtual reality in 2018.

If you are using this technology since the beginning, you must be aware that there were some flaws that were overcome with the passage of time. For example, the technology was initially not available for the iPhone users due to some tech issues but now you’d see many stores selling best VR headset for iPhone 2018. Well, it’s not a surprise for the current iPhone users but the users had to face a lot of trouble in the past.

However, let’s take a look at some changes that have appeared in the virtual reality in 2018.

Use of 4D technology

The Virtual Reality experts have now combined the 4D technology with the Virtual Reality. So, now it will not only provide you the real-time look but you’d also be able to enjoy the real-time touch. You’d be able to touch and feel different things and you’d also be able to create several things with the 4D technology. The integration of 4D technology has totally changed the concept of Virtual Reality and now people are increasingly using this technology to enjoy the real world virtually.

Virtual girlfriend

The most amazing thing that VR experts have introduced is that you can now create an avatar of yourself and find a girlfriend for you. The girlfriend would stay with you all the time and you can communicate with her anytime you want. Although some people are against this change, there are many people that are happy with this advancement and they want to see some more advancements in this new idea.


The VR industry experts have also started organizing several championships among the gamers from all around the world. So, you can also play the games with other players and test your gaming skills with the help of VR technology. The organizers are also going to offer multiple rewards for the winning teams. Here is more information about new advancements in virtual reality in 2018.

5 Unconscious Mistakes Every Phone Owner Makes

Our phone is the device that remains with us all the time. We save all the important docs, photos, and even passwords on our phone because it helps us find everything within a few minutes. We are very conscious about our mobile’s security because we understand the importance of files that are stored on the phone. But sometimes, we make some unconscious mistakes that may put our entire information at risk.

Today, we are going to talk about these mistakes so that you can avoid them in future. These are the mistakes that have troubled many people in the past and there are many people that will learn a lesson from their mistakes in the future. However, we don’t want you to get into any of such situation and we want to help you protect your data on your phone. So, here are the five unconscious mistakes that every phone owner makes.

Allowing others to use the phone

We know that it’s against the etiquettes if you deny someone from using your phone while they are requesting. But you should take this step because it is good for your own sake. You don’t know the intentions of the person that is asking to use your phone. They can either take some important information from your phone or use your phone for some illegal purposes.

In both the conditions, you are going to face the music. So, it’s better that you deny right in the first step instead of suffering from problems.

Only one password

We all believe that one password is enough for our phone and nobody would be able to break it. But we do not know that there are many experts that can easily break the lock and get into the different folders. So, it’s better that you use a password for each folder on your mobile. Thus, your entire information will remain safe from bad hands. The newsoftwares.net mobile security apps are considered to be the best for securing multiple folders on your phone.

No antivirus

We do not understand the importance of antivirus for our phone, therefore, we do not install one on our phone. But the antivirus is extremely important for our phone and it can protect us from many kinds of scams. So, make sure that you install a quality antivirus on your phone.

Installing apps

There is nothing wrong with installing some reliable apps on your phone but if you are installing every new app without knowing anything about it, then you are making a bigger mistake. And you’d get to know the trouble once you have gone through it. So, make sure that you only install the apps that are reliable.

Providing access

There are many apps that need access to different folders on our phone. You should make sure that whether it is good to provide access to an app or not because there are some apps that are designed to steal some information from your phone. So, make sure that you do not install such kind of apps. Click Here and take a look at some other mistakes that phone owners make.

Are Gaming Tutorials An Effective Marketing Tool: We Take a Look

There are multiple marketing tools and tricks available these days. Choosing the right tools and tricks can help promote your products while the wrong tools will only waste your time. So, you need to be very careful about choosing the tools and tricks to promote your products on different platforms. If you are looking to promote your gaming business, you need to find some effective marketing tools and tricks.

Promoting a gaming business may get a bit tricky because the selection of right tools is really important for this purpose. For example, there are some businesses that have hired expert gamers so, they can run live streams and promote their business. Similarly, there are others that offer several packages to promote their gaming business. So, there are plenty of ways available for you. All you need to do is to choose the right way for promoting your business.

Recently, some businesses have become popular by making gaming tutorials while it is quite shocking for others. However, your question is answered here that gaming tutorials are an effective marketing tool and you can promote your business with these tutorials. Now, let’s take a look at how you can use these tools as a marketing tool.

Play different games

You need to hire a gaming expert to make tutorials on your behalf by playing several popular games like Fifa 18 and Dota 2. There are millions of players that are playing these games worldwide and they all want to know several tricks to win the game. So, if you are providing them some interesting ideas about playing the game, they would become a huge fan and they would start following you regularly.

So, the time would come when they will start asking you questions before making several purchases. So, you can use this opportunity to bring them to the products you are promoting. And they will happily buy the products because they know that you have better knowledge of gaming.

Display products in the tutorial

Displaying different products in your tutorial is also a great way of promoting the products. Your followers always want to see the tools and gadgets that you use for playing games. So, once they see several tools on your gaming table, they’d also purchase those products. If you take a look at the Gramilab story views, you’d see that they regularly share tutorials about different games and they always display several products that they are selling in the market. So, you may also get some guidance from their videos to place your products accordingly.


There are many people that will ask for suggestion once they are satisfied that you have better knowledge of gaming. So, if they ask for suggestions, you can use that opportunity to show them the products that you are selling or promoting.

The Ultimate Setup For Gaming Fanatics

One of the best things that tech experts have introduced over the time is gaming. The gaming is the best thing that keeps you engaged during your free time instead of getting into some bad habits. We know that the gaming fever has also put a bad impact on some people’s health but it’s still better than the habits that can destroy your entire life.

However, you should avoid becoming a victim of gaming fever. Today, we have brought some important tips to help you build your gaming setup in a unique way. The gaming setup you have in your home shows that whether you are passionate about gaming or not. There are many gamers that love playing games but they do not prepare any admirable setup for gaming. The gaming is a completely different world where you need to prepare a proper setup to show others that you are very serious about your passion.

The tips we have gathered here will play an important role in improving your gaming setup. Here the tips you can follow in order to prepare the ultimate gaming setup.

Gaming Desk

The gaming desk can play a vital role in building the perfect gaming setup. The gaming desk allows you to place everything in an organized way. There are some gaming desks that cannot fulfill your needs. You must consider choosing the desk that can accommodate all the current and future needs. Sometimes, you buy different accessories with the passage of time.

So, if you have a plan of buying some new accessories for your gaming setup, you must try choosing a desk that can accommodate all those accessories. Make sure that you take a look at the best desks for gaming when you are trying to buy a gaming desk for your gaming setup.

Gaming chair

The gaming chair will also add an elegant look to your gaming setup. The gaming chairs are also available with multiple features. If you can’t afford to buy your favorite gaming chair, then you should wait for it because there is no benefit of buying something that you do not like. So, start saving some money regularly so that you can buy your desired gaming chair.

Gaming keyboard

The gaming lovers add all the things to their gaming setup that can make them feel comfortable. So, the gaming keyboard is also one of the accessories that can fulfill their needs. The gaming keyboards are better than the average keyboards because they have many unique features.

Gaming Headset

A gaming setup without a headset is incomplete. Therefore, you should choose the best gaming headset for this purpose so that your friends may get shocked when they come to visit your gaming setup. Here are some other tips to build a perfect gaming setup.

Why a prepaid phone is beneficial when you’re traveling?

Travelling to different parts of the world is an interesting hobby because you get to explore several parts of the world and you also get the opportunity to understand the culture and traditions of other countries. Staying in touch with the loved ones is the common problem of most of the travelers as their countries connection doesn’t work in the other countries.

There are some companies that provide their services worldwide but most of the companies are limited to a specific country. So, if you’re going to travel to a country where your country’s connection doesn’t work, you’ll have to find a solution before going there. There are some people that prefer activating the online roaming from their service provider.

This helps you use your own connection in any part of the world. The problem with this solution is that it is quite expensive and they’ll charge you for services that you haven’t even used. In order to stay safe from this fuss, you need to buy a connection from the country you’re visiting. Prepaid and postpaid connections are two major types of connections that you can purchase when you go to a new country.

We always recommend choosing the prepaid phones as there are several amazing benefits of prepaid packages. The postpaid packages are also good in some cases but prepaid packages are highly recommended if you’re not familiar with the data costs of a country. Let’s take a look at the benefits of purchasing a prepaid phone traveling.

No extra charges

When you buy a prepaid package, you’re only charged for the services that you have used and you stay informed about the amount that you have spent. Prepaid packages do not let you exceed your budget while postpaid packages aren’t good for you if you have some budget problems because you’ll be informed about the costs after the deduction of the amount and you won’t be able to do anything later on.

Personal Information Protection

Your personal information stays safe when you buy a prepaid phone while you have to reveal some of your information when buying a postpaid phone. This may put your financial history at a risk and the criminals may use your information to make some purchases. This may affect your credit score and credit history very badly. If you want to stay safe from such issues, you should only buy the prepaid phones.

Easily available

The prepaid phones are easily available in every country while postpaid phones require a lot of paperwork and they also make you suffer from some severe headache later on. Always consider buying the prepaid phones when you’re visiting a country for a short period. Don’t forget to take a look at the prepaid datentarife vergleich because it will help you make an informed decision. You should always keep your budget in your mind while choosing between different packages.

Buying a phone in the EU? Here are some tips you should know

Buying a phone is a tedious task as you need to research a lot because there are thousands of phones available in the market and many new phones are being introduced every day. Most of the times, people think of buying the phone from the top brands as they believe that these brands would provide them the excellent reliable service.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a top brand but you should first conduct some research based on your budget. Sometimes, you can find the same features in a local phone that are being introduced in a top branded phone. The only difference between both the phones is the difference of price. Why do you want to spend a huge amount of money on a product that is easily available at a lower price?

You need to change your opinion and find a good quality phone instead of looking for a top quality brand. Today, we’re going to share some tips that’ll help you find the perfect phone in EU. You need to think wisely and your budget should always be there in your mind.


One of the mistakes that most of the people make is that they look for the brand when choosing a phone. This isn’t the right way of choosing a mobile. You should not only look for the brand but you should also find information about that manufacturer that has manufactured the phone. You need to buy the phone that is manufactured by the top manufacturers.

There are some manufacturers that do not focus on the quality of the material. A bad quality phone can make you suffer from lots of headaches that’s why should research about the manufacturers before choosing a phone.


The security is another aspect that most of the people do not look for. Some people consider the insurance to be a solution to this problem as insurance companies provide them a new phone if the previous phone gets stolen. It’s not only about the phone because the information you save on your phone is also very important.

You should choose the mobile from a company that offers you perfect security. The benefit of buying a security phone is that the no one will be able to access your phone’s information unless they get your permission. Some companies offer you the handyortung kostenlos so that you can easily detect your phone if it is lost or stolen.


Price is another important factor that should always be in your mind. Usually, people consider buying an expensive phone believing that it will provide them the reliable and perfect services. There is no need to run after the expensive phones because there are lots of cost-effective phones that can provide you the reliable options at very good rates. So, always try to find a reliable phone instead of finding an expensive option. Click Here and take a look at some other reliable phone buying tips.

What kind of hosting service is best for running a phone store?

Building an online phone store is the great idea to grow your business. We know that there are already thousands of phone stores providing their services online but you can still make your place by creating a good quality store that can attract everyone. Building an online phone store is completely different than building a standard business website.

A standard business website only contains a few pages where different services of the company, information on previous projects and contact information of the business are added. While a phone store needs to add tons of information every day because every day a new model of different companies is released. You need to add all the information of each phone in a unique way.

There are several things that are extremely important for increasing your daily audiences such as the design of the website and the content you’re sharing there. Site’s loading speed is one of the most important factors for bringing new customers. Site’s overall design and the speed of the server you’re running your site on affect the loading speed of the website.

Therefore, there are a few things you need to consider when buying a hosting service for an online phone store.

Quality Server

Consider buying the hosting service from a company that has excellent customer reviews in the past. There are several things you need to look when buying the hosting for your website including server’s uptime, bandwidth, and customer support.

Site’s uptime

Having a phone store that remains offline for most of the time is completely useless. You need to buy the hosting from a company that assures you 99.99% uptime. Going offline for a few seconds can make you lose many potential customers.

Bandwidth and storage

The bandwidth and the storage of the server need to be unlimited because you need to upload huge amount of data every day and a limited server will make you suffer a lot.

A limited bandwidth will also make you lose many customers because when the bandwidth limit reaches to the end, the website goes offline. Eu dedicated servers are the perfect option for you if you’re looking for unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Customer support

The customer support is not directly connected to the users but it’s important for you because you need to get in touch with a professional if you’re facing some trouble with the website.

A hosting service that has good quality customer service will provide you regular suggestions about site’s maintenance and they’ll also solve your problem if you have any.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the perfect option for a phone store because it provides you excellent results in terms of user experience. It can provide you ten times better results as compared to the traditional web hosting services. Cloud hosting is the future of web hosting so buy it now to experience the future today.

The best games to play on your phone in 2017

It’s not possible to turn on the PC and laptop time to time when you want to get relax and play some great games. Playing game is one of the most relaxing things you can do in your spare time.

If you are in search of such games and you want to install such games on your phone, then here we are letting you know about some of the great games. Now you can play these games on your phone anywhere.


“Angry birds” is one of the famous games among the children and youngsters. No matter how old you are, you’ll get addicted to the game and whenever you are going to have some time in the day you’ll pull your mobile out of your pocket and start playing this amazing game.

There are several versions of this game available on the Play Store that you can download to your mobile for free. Angry birds 2 is one of the best games of 2017 you can go for.


Snail Bob is such an interesting game that you fall in love with this game once you start playing it. With each level, you are going to find it interesting and your passion will increase. Snail Bob is the most recommended game right now.

You can move to the next and advanced levels after completing the beginner levels. No matter how busy you are, you are going to find yourself thinking about the game all the time and the thoughts of completing a level will keep appearing in your mind.


If you are tired of the same puzzles, then “Cut the Rope” is the best option for you. In this game, you are not going to find anything same but you will enjoy this unique game.

Cut the rope is one of the games that will help you increase your skills. This is going to increase your creativity and sharpness.


If you are looking for best android games, then you should go for the Nova legacy. The graphics in this game is highly amazing and you are going to enjoy the game due to its multiplayer option. You can compete with the others in this game as well.

This game is based on the sci-fi plot and is an ideal game for the people who always look for such games which are related to the machines and robots.


Slimes are kind of in fashion these days. If you are a slime lover, then this game is just the right thing for you. All you have to do is to download the game and start playing on your phone.

The game is free and you can play the game with four players at one time.

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