What are the best iPhone lightning cables to buy in 2017?

iPhone always needs your attention especially when you want to use it for multiple tasks. These days we all know that iPhone lightning cables are getting quite famous and they are not only capable of charging your iPhone but your iPad, iPod, and other apple devices as well.

Here are some of the lightning cables that deserve your attention and you can use them for a long time. If you’re looking for the best iPhone Charger cords, then here are the best iPhone charger cords.


As compared to a standard cable of iPhone you can witness that this cable is much better. The length of the cable is 6 feet and it is available in five different colors. The warranty of the cable is 16 months which is absolutely perfect for the people who use it on the regular basis.

If you are experiencing any problem in the cable then you can return it or the company will fix it for you. It has 3 feet and 10 feet versions as well. The price of the lightning cable is $9.


iPhone users who are quite conscious about their phones and who don’t want to take any risks when it comes to the phone, they should go for the light star handcrafted designer cable which is going to compliment your phone.

Its cables are wrapped in the material of denim which helps you in keeping this in your pocket without making wires tangled. The cable has life time warranty which is a major advantage. The price of the cable is $30.


This cable is handy and you don’t have to wait for hours to let your phone charged when you want to use it in a landscape mode. The angled lightning cable is perfect for the simple use for your phone and other devices.

There are two kinds of versions available of the lightning cable. It has 3 feet and 6 feet long cable for the iPhone. The cable has two years of warranty which means that you can claim the warranty if you face any kind of problem. The price of the cable is $13.


This cable is known as the high rated USB cable among all. The length of the USB cable is about 4 feet. If you always keep cable with you for the emergency purpose then you should definitely go for it because it’s tangle free cable.

Due to the good looks and reliability of the cable, you will have the advantage of using it for the years. The price of this lightning cable is $20. It’s also available in a variety of colors.


On the top of USB connector, you can see the lightning connector which can be removed and joined. This is suitable for the Android and iPhone users to charge their phones in no time. The cable is about 40 inches in length and it’s great when you want to use it from a distance.

The price of the USB and lightning cable is about $27.