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The goal of A2 hosting is to provide the opportunity to people. They want to provide people great, fast and secure hosting at a great price. It’s definitely all they want to do.

A2 Hosting is basically the shared hosting but it comes with VPS speed. VPS is a hosting that provides you fast speed but at very expensive rates. The benefit of A2 hosting is that it allows you to enjoy the VPS hosting speed at the price of shared hosting. You’ll really enjoy using this hosting.

If you want VPS speed at shared hosting price then basic A2 hosting will definitely fit your needs. You might have experienced on other hosting that their servers crash and your site goes down when the massive amount of traffic starts coming to your site because those hosting sites are not accustomed to receiving high traffic.

This is when you start looking for something that provides you excellent speed at lower rates.

A2 hosting is not the only server that is offering services like these but they’re doing their best to provide quality services.

You’ll be shocked to know that a page at A2 hosting loads 300% faster than other shared hosting providers. A2 hosting offers you the SSD hosting services. In comparison you can check out the hostgator review by Bit Pak if you are interested in other optimal providers. You can’t compare the speed of SSD hosting with the shared hosting. It can beat any other hosting in its speed.

Why do you want a faster website?

It makes google happy. The faster your page loads the better rank you’re going to get because Google wants faster loading pages because they want to provide the information to people in a quick manner. The Google’s reputation goes down if it directs someone to a site that loads in 10 seconds. Therefore, Google wants fast page load times.

Fast page load time will help you maintain your bounce rate because a lot of people leave your site because the page takes too long to load.

Uptime: –

Uptime is the time when your site is online for the visitors. If your site keeps crashing all the times the speed don’t really mean anything. The nice thing about A2 is that they have really great uptime. You must have known that depending on the value of the site a downtime can cost you almost $5800 per minute.

100% uptime is rarely achievable so if someone claims that they can provide you the 100% uptime – don’t trust the at all.

Over the industry standard of 99.90%, the A2 hosting came out with an uptime of 99.99%.

Fast and Efficient Customer Support: –

The great thing about their customer support is that they deal you in a great way before and after you become a customer. There are hosting services that change their behaviour once someone become their customer and they don’t even care providing helpful information.

But A2 hosting is a little bit different because they provide you solution to all the problems that you may have even after becoming a customer.

Free Site Migrations: –

If your site currently uses cPanel they will help you relocate from another hosting provider. While there are other hosting providers that charge you enough for this privilege.