How to Unlock iPhone On Verizon

Whether you are planning to travel internationally or are tired of paying high rates for Verizon, unlocking your phone is the right thing to do. Once you unlock your iPhone from Verizon, you are free to shop around for new carrier services that can offer you better plans. Before you make the decision to unlocking your phone, make sure that the carrier that you want to opt for provides service for your iPhone. If the network provider is not compatible with your unlocked device, you cannot reverse the jailbreaking process.

Unlocking your iPhone on Verizon is easier than other network service providers. With minimum requirements, you can unlock your phone and use the features which Verizon did not allow earlier.

Requirements to unlock your iPhone on Verizon

First, you need to make sure that your Verizon account is active and you use it for communication purposes. Earlier, Verizon had the policy of unlocking any phone within 24 hours of the request. Today a Verizon phone needs to stay active for at least 60 days before you can unlock the device. If you want to unlock iphone 7 plus verizon lock right after 60 days, you need to apply early. Verizon will automatically remove the lock after 60 days of usage, and you can use your device freely with any other compatible carrier service.

You must pay for all your due bills on time and keep your account in good condition for Verizon to approve the unlocking process. In case your iPhone is listed as lost or suspected to be stolen, your device will not get the approval from Verizon to unlock the device.

If you meet all the requirements from Verizon, you are eligible for the unlock process, and you do not have to reach out to customer service or a Verizon centre. You can simply wait for 60 days, and your phone will get unlocked automatically.

Requirements for postpaid phones

If you are using a postpaid service, the 60-day unlocking waiting period starts right after your purchase your iPhone. If you buy your phone from a Verizon retailer, they will activate the phone for you and your waiting period will start right away.

Requirements for prepaid phones

The prepaid service on your iPhone will work on the same 60-day waiting process. However, you will first need to wait for your SIM card to activate. The prepaid SIM cards need to get activated first to turn on the network. Once you activate your SIM card, the 60-day unlocking period will begin automatically.

Note that even if you purchased your iPhone on instalments and pay it in full before 60 days, your phone will still be locked until the waiting period is over. In case your phone does not unlock itself automatically after 60 days, contact their customer support and manually initiate the unlocking process.