How To Make Your Tinder Profile Stand Out

There are different opinions of Tinder and how it is creating two different swipes in our world today. A swipe to the left and to the right, connecting only people with like minds, from the same genre of music to places commonly visited. Many more people are getting on different dating apps every single day. In the U.S it has be reported that a whooping third of new marriages started out on one online platform or the other. According to a study carried out in university of Chicago, the number of this marriage is expected to rise.

Obviously, a lot more people are beginning to see different reasons why online dating apps are not harmful, and a dating app that connects you to the exact kind of person you envision like tinder pc version is what you need.

Here is how you can make your tinder profile standout


Smash The Whole Photo Code Once


According to Leonard Bustos, a Los Angelis dating coach, you don’t have to be good looking to attract people; you only need to be interesting. Taking a nice picture of yourself with different posture showing your face clearly and a mix of your body shots can interest people.

Generally, people click more on outdoor and prideful poses. So be sure to take four to five photos that are clean and showing your face clearly.


Get a Friend To Give You A 30 Seconds Video Shoot


Pictures are good but videos are better. They just say a lot in 30 seconds that you probably wont see in a picture. Seeing a person’s video show you their natural looks. Everyone at some point have some doubts about the looks of a person you have connected to on a dating app. But videos kick the doubts off and send a feeling of less threat.


 Use The KISS Abbreviation


K.I.S.S simply means Keep It Simple and Short, this is the best way to get people to view your profile the more. No one wants to read a 3 page profile no matter how interest it is. Avoid having very lengthy profile, people don’t read more than 2 to 3 paragraphs.


Be Real With Your Imperfections


Humans are naturally imperfect, but it is hard most times for people to admit this. There is nothing wrong with being natural and stating one or two imperfections, because it makes you human and sends a feeling of understand to your profile viewer. People are more relax with those that have some imperfections because they have too.

Actually all human has.


There are a lot of people who use snapchat as a means to put up some falsehood about themselves. Living two different lives, one on social media and the other in real world. Telling a lie to people can be disastrous especially when they find out it has been a lie all along. It is better to be as real as possible and release information’s about yourself gradually.

Take your time and use this knows how’s to create a lovely profile to that kind of person you desire.