Taking a deeper look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 – Is it worth the money?

A heated debate which started in 2015, after the release of the latest Samsung Galaxy series, addresses the recurring question is S6 worth the money. For some people, it’s just another overpriced smartphone, with a slightly upgraded design and hardware in comparison to iPhone. However, those Android believers that state that they’ve never seen a better Samsung model yet have some pretty solid arguments to support their view. Let’s check out why do they think that Galaxy S6 is worth the money.

The advantages of Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy s6 worth the money

Let’s admit – you cannot deny the elegance and the improvements on Samsung Galaxy S6. They are evident in comparison to other Samsung models, but also in regards to an iPhone. The crucial difference is in the hardware, which really stands out with this Samsung model. But, let’s start from the beginning.

Design – in some sense, Samsung kept their elegant, square design adding more curves to the edges on this one. The lean looks of Samsung Galaxy S6 make it comfortable to carry and handle. The material is of a great quality, and it doesn’t feel cheap in hands. Overall, you’ll enjoy carrying it around with you and since it’s very lightweight, you won’t feel it in your pocket like some other phones.

Display – the home screen is elegantly organized. However, the problem comes when you want to reorganize it. There’s much free space on the display once you start to reorganize it, so it may seem empty for some users. On the other hand, app manager is also found weak. There are three different options to manage apps, which in some cases users find unnecessary.  If you need help unlocking your display then check out this site that tells you how to unlock samsung galaxy s6 cell phone.

Performance – if you’re a tech savvy, you might find it unsatisfying to use. It may seem like Samsung didn’t think about the user’s experience, but they weren’t just trying to make a good-looking device with no substantial features. Some users disagree on the fact that the performance could be upgraded. Sure, the display keys are not magnified when you’re typing and the Android File Transfer app is just a screen with no user interactive interface. But, the widgets are looking cool, and are really easy to access.

samsung galaxy s6 worth the money

Camera – one of the stronger points on this phone. No iPhone can get near to the mighty 16 pixels Samsung Galaxy S6 camera. This opens up the world of possibilities for the users since you can take pictures and shot videos of the finest quality.

Battery life – one of the major points of disappointment for many users. According to their reviews, they expected a more lasting battery with the model like Galaxy S6. The fact that battery loses 1% each time you swipe the screen is a major downside to this phone. Many users found this feature not worth the price.

Software – Android is a great piece of software if you’re already a fan. In case you don’t mind it doesn’t offer a great user experience and comes with an average performance, you’re ready to go.

Final verdict

A tough call, but it looks like Samsung Galaxy S6 has some serious downsides. Even though it looks amazing and there are some big improvements in the hardware section, the software still lacks smoothness and speed in performance. Overall, the phone is a great piece of technology and you should try it out and see by yourself.