Best headphones in the world

Head Phones have become a gadget that we use in our everyday lives. As the usage of mobile phones increased it paved ways for the increase in the usage of headphones. It is the truth that everyone needs to accept that most of us feel a bit uneasy and incomplete without having a headphone. Even spending a day without them is difficult. Times have changed, and people have started preferring quality over cost when it comes to headphones.

All the major brands are constantly experimenting and innovating. They make sure to come up with amazing products with great design and quality to tough competition. Make sure to check out online reviews like Best headphones under $100, according to Headphonesunder100center’s review before buying a new headphone. Here are some of the best headphone brands in the market.


The German audio giant was founded in the year 1945. They produce both headphones and microphones. Sennheiser has been continuously ranked among the best headphones for many years. One of the reasons why Sennheiser being listed as the best is because they produce a wide range of headphones from the low end to high-end headphones without compromising on the quality. Many professionals like musicians, disk jockey and a lot of other people in the entertainment industry have their complete trust in Sennheiser.

Audio Technica

Audio Technica is one of the very famous headphones brands in the world. It was founded in the year 1962 by Hideo Matsushita. Audio Technica offers a wide range of mid and high-end headphones. Audio Technica is known for both the sound and build quality of their headphones. At the end of the day, it is a Japanese company, and we can always expect the best from them.

Beyer Dynamic

It is another German brand on the list. Beyer Dynamic was found in the year 1942. Beyer Dynamic has a wide range of headphones to offer like high fidelity headphones, in-ear headphones, and high-quality studio headphones. Both the professional and the normal headphones offered by Beyer dynamic are exceptional in their own ways. The Beyer Dynamic DT770 pro definitely needs a special mention. The headphone is a, and it can be found in many recording studios.


Shure is one of the most popular and most sought out brands among the professionals. The unparalleled quality of Shure has never failed to impress the professionals like sound engineers, record producers, Disc Jockeys and many others in the media industry. It was found in the year 1925 by Sidney Shure in Illinois. This 92-year-old company is known for the quality it offers. Most of the products from Shure is priced above 100 USD.


Grado is a kind of company that comes up with some amazing products and doesn’t do much of marketing for it. It simply allows the quality of the product speaks for itself. Grado is an audio equipment manufacturer. It is an American company that is based in New York. It was founded in the year 1953 by Joseph Gardo.