New Advancements of Virtual Reality in 2018 and What it Looks Like Moving Forward

The virtual reality has already proved to be one of the most advanced technologies in the world. But the developers say that it is just the beginning and you are going to see many interesting changes in this technology that you would have never expected before. The developers have already brought a lot of improvements to this technology and it is very different than how it looked in the past.

Well, change is the most important thing in the tech industry because a product or technology, that doesn’t show any changes for a very long period of time, starts disappearing from this industry because people want to see something new and advanced every day. However, today are going to discuss the changes that have appeared in the virtual reality in 2018.

If you are using this technology since the beginning, you must be aware that there were some flaws that were overcome with the passage of time. For example, the technology was initially not available for the iPhone users due to some tech issues but now you’d see many stores selling best VR headset for iPhone 2018. Well, it’s not a surprise for the current iPhone users but the users had to face a lot of trouble in the past.

However, let’s take a look at some changes that have appeared in the virtual reality in 2018.

Use of 4D technology

The Virtual Reality experts have now combined the 4D technology with the Virtual Reality. So, now it will not only provide you the real-time look but you’d also be able to enjoy the real-time touch. You’d be able to touch and feel different things and you’d also be able to create several things with the 4D technology. The integration of 4D technology has totally changed the concept of Virtual Reality and now people are increasingly using this technology to enjoy the real world virtually.

Virtual girlfriend

The most amazing thing that VR experts have introduced is that you can now create an avatar of yourself and find a girlfriend for you. The girlfriend would stay with you all the time and you can communicate with her anytime you want. Although some people are against this change, there are many people that are happy with this advancement and they want to see some more advancements in this new idea.


The VR industry experts have also started organizing several championships among the gamers from all around the world. So, you can also play the games with other players and test your gaming skills with the help of VR technology. The organizers are also going to offer multiple rewards for the winning teams. Here is more information about new advancements in virtual reality in 2018.