Facts About Discount Coupons

There was a time when the word coupons were very much confined to papers. But times have changed now. A lot of mobile apps and websites are providing coupons for their users to improve their business. The only thing that people know about coupons is that they can be used to get a discount on the price during any purchase or when they avail their services. Different coupons give different kinds of benefits. For example Kohl’s Free Shipping Code can be used to avail free shipping. It cannot be used to avail any discounts. In this article, we will discuss the various facts about coupons.

The French origin

Like most of the English words, the word coupon is also has a French origin. In French, the word coupon means to cut. It actually makes sense because coupons were once cut from the papers and advertisements.

The first coupon

The first ever coupon in the United States of America was offered by John Pemberton, who was the inventor of Coca Cola. It was offered in the year 1886. He offered free cards to people in the streets to try out the drink. When the famous businessman Asa Candler brought the rights of the brand, he reached a wider audience by attaching discount coupons in magazines.

The first discount coupon

The first discount coupon was given by Post Grape-Nut in the year 1909. The discount that they offered was one penny from the maximum retail price of the cereal.

The love for coupons

The survey that was conducted recently has revealed that nearly ninety-six percent of the people prefer using a coupon to shop. We really cannot understand what is wrong with the remaining four percent.  It is not astonishing that America is the largest user of discount coupons in the world.

The popularity

If you are thinking that you are only one who is getting profits by using discount coupons, well you are definitely wrong. Providing discount coupons is the most popular way to market and build a brand.

Coupon users come prepared

More than eighty-five percent of the people who purchase by using discount coupons come prepared. It is not an impulsive decision that they make out of nowhere. To go in detail, they actually decide on the price that they are going to buy and then calculate the discounts according to the offer in coupons.

The numbers

Considering all the types of coupons that are available in paper or in the digital medium, the value of the coupons comes nearly to 329 billion dollars. The coupons offer discounts to various products like food products, cleaning materials, packed food and a lot more. On average there are nearly 2500 coupons to a house.

The saving

The recent survey and the research states that, if proper research is done with discount coupons, every individual can save up to 1600 dollars every year. The business in America alone gives discount coupons up to 513 billion dollars in which only 3.7 billion dollars are used. That nearly accounts for twelve dollars per person.