Why android phones are better than Iphones

Smart Phones have undeniably evolved over the years to become central aspects of our lives today. From storing our basic personal information to facilitating communication in between people, these devices are essential. More so, we also have various phone brands and operating systems. Among the common phone operating systems include the android and apple operating systems. Both of these platforms have become hallmarks of the entire smartphone industry. However, people are increasingly showing a preference for android phones. It might be easier to decide between android and apple OS. But it is hard to decide deicide on the plans for the mobiles. Check out https://www.dailywireless.org/reviews/t-mobile-cell-phone-plans/ to have a better idea about the plans offered by T mobiles.

Top 3 reasons why


Perhaps the first notable benefit of android phones is that you gain access to an endless amount of choices when it comes to phones. For instance, you can get a phone that does well at capturing high quality pictures. Or you can opt for a phone that can provide exceptional durability. Or you can also opt for a phone that has exceptional phone hardware capabilities. The choices are many when it comes to choosing android phones.


Besides that, android phones also allow for convenient device customization. For those users who enjoy customizing their phones, an android is an excellent option. For instance, if you don’t like the standard keyboard that is equipped on all Android phones, then you can opt for a third party app. Besides that, if you don’t like the launcher on your phone, you can also download a new one. Best of all, the layout of your phone is also customizable and you can even opt for Windows phone layout. Other customizable features include the:

  • The User interface
  • The firmware of the phone
  • The software and hardware performance


While many smartphone lovers still debate on the hardware capabilities of android phones and apple phones, android phones tend to be much powerful. For instance, a basic comparison of the flagship phones such as the Galaxy S9+ and the Apple iPhone XS shows that Android is clearly a true performer. Further research shows that, the latter phone is 6 months newer than the former. However, the Galaxy S9+ still packs a punch with regard to its exceptional range of hardware features.

The Google Play platform

Taking things to the next level, the Google Play platform also provides users with access to millions of mobile applications. In general, the google play platform is regarded as a open source environment, where people from all over the world can upload mobile applications. Most applications are available for free and are simple to download as well.


To sum it all up, the android phones are available with diverse features, capabilities and functionalities. Even though, iphones are also developed using high end technology, the exceptional diversity of iphones makes them a great investment. The android phones are customizable, diverse and powerful as well. Best of all, android users also gain access to the Google Playstore platform, which is packed with a diverse array of apps and games.